i'm ferit.

I am Ferit Yiğit BALABAN, a Computer Engineering undergraduate (currently in second grade) and a software engineer candidate.

growing up

I was in my fours when I had my first computer, and after two years of pondering around Windows Vista, I finally met the Internet. Oh, boy. From Flash games to the vast knowledge in Wikipedia, I was like an explorer who had just dug out a small piece of an ancient city. Somewhere between my 10s to 12s, all this interest in anything and everything on the Internet started to fade away. The Internet was fascinating, but my interest in computers slowly surpassed it.

hello world.

Just dreaming and fantasizing about computers and electricity wasn't enough for me. That was when I came across the limitless world of programming. I was quickly absorbed in electronics and Arduinos! As a beginner, I was fluent in Scratch (lol) until I discovered C++, gave it a shot and got frustrated quick.

microsoft, <3 => </3

From 2019 to 2022, I developed many Windows desktop applications using C# with WinForms. Late in 2021, I started using Ubuntu (a GNU+Linux distro) which led me to experiment with the idea of cross-platform applications. Currently, I'm on an Arch Linux machine with i3-gaps, polybar and kitty!

I do and will do my part to support the "Free as in Freedom" philosophy and the community of Free and Open Source Software.

in conclusion.

I'm interested in web design and frontend development, machine learning, especially natural language processing; systems development and operating systems; mathematics. In addition to all those things we can't touch with our fingers, I have a strong affection for electronics, processor design and logic circuits.

closing note

I love static webpages with their personalities and worlds, which was the main inspiration for this site! I get a buzz out of designing websites and experimenting with different creative elements! Coming up with this site was a very long and tedious process that took many sleepless nights. That is why your comments are so important.

Saw something wrong, wacky or cringe? Let me know. Have a suggestion? Let me know. Want to be friends? Let me... you can find me on Instagram ;)