Uğur Galeri

A commercial landing page and static website for a local heavy vehicle and automotive business company

Visit ugurgaleri.net

Used technologies:

I envisioned and designed a business website from scratch for Uğur Galeri, a company serving Türkiye. Uğur Galeri is a heavy vehicle and automotive gallery, official distributor and dealership of Krone, Makinsan and Otokar.

I experimented with Adobe XD for prototyping responsive elements but created the page layouts on paper using a pencil and ruler. This decision to use traditional methods was purely my preference because I believe that digital tools and programs limit my imagination.

Implementing the website was arguably the most straightforward part of this job. I already had experience with HTML but never considered using semantic tags, so I took some time to write not just a high-performance code but also a humanly-readable and beautiful one.

I used Sass/SCSS and JavaScript for styling and giving life to elements. It's pretty pleasurable to work with SCSS; besides that, it's a lifesaver. Another artistic liberty that I took was not using any frameworks. I aimed to create something unique and lightweight, so I went with SCSS and my instincts.

Usage of Git in development

Lastly, I did the development and testing on a separate branch with a test server. After tests, I merged the development branch with upstream and set up a GitHub action to continuously deploy new versions of pages to the host server.